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Casamia specialised in high-quality artificial & dried flowers for Weddings, homes and offices

or traditional dried food from Vietnam.

Our Products

We specialise in dried & artificial flowers, everything from wreaths, bouquets and vase arrangements to retail spaces and so much more. Pieces can be customised - perfect for weddings, and events. Our arrangements are vibrant and modern. Each piece is lovingly hand-made with an emphasis on design and detail.

We also created to connect fashion and nature through handcrafted products such as bags, hats, decoration in house.

Besides, our clothes is perfect for all season, modern and high quality Clothes for Man, Women, Kids shirts, skirts, sweaters and jackets that will become your own wardrobe staples.

Traditional Dried Food from Vietnam, all ranges maximise nutrient density with all-natural ingredients to enable your optimal health and best performance.

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